Monday, 2 April 2018

Whainga ako: ordering decimals.


Whainga ako: write your own personal thoughts about your story.

The butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is about this old selfish lady and there were 2 Amazing kids that do there
homework for the weekend and there  parents went up north for a weekend and the they did their homework and then the selfish lady’s name is mrs Anderson and then they
went down stairs and they sat on there cheers and they thought they were going to eat the
good staff but mrs Anderson didn't share because she wants to turn into a butterfly but
she left the kids with slimy food and a rotten sausage and then mrs anderson finished her
food then she went up stairs then the kids finished there food then mrs anderson didn’t
come back down stairs then they went up stairs and they Instigating what was
happening  in the room and they sore a big Cocoon Stuck on the roof then they grabbed
the fly spray and then they started to spay the old lady in the cocoon.


Te Kiriahi - Whainga ako: proofreading and correcting text.

WALT proofread and correct text.

Instructions - Proofread the text in order make corrections by finding the missing capital letters (17) and fullstops (12)

Marcus was a middle boy he was the middle child of his family. at school. He
wasn’t especially good at anything and he wasn’t especially bad at anything either sometimes. Marcus was so middle that his teacher forgot his name. The day that everything changed was a wednesday when Marcus was on his way to school. The wind started to blow it ruffled the leaves on the trees and swept along littles pieces of rubbish in room 6 they were all doing Handwriting when the funny feeling started marcus was trying extra hard. to do a good job on his w’s the wind was blowing harder it rattled at the windows and sneaked under the doors marcus’s insides started to feel strange.